Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Day 3: the Junk Drawer

 Welcome to Day 3: The Junk Drawer.  Today's Soundtrack was selections from Django Reinhardt. A little upbeat jazz to start my day!

 Okay, look at that.  Terrible.  Can barely open and close the drawer.

 I like when you get to the slush at the bottom.  Then you can start scooping and scraping.

 When you empty it all out, you don't even know how all that stuff was fitting in there!

 Random stuff: a bunch of wooden spoons, given to me by a friend.  I don't even know what I ever intended to do with these? There are over a hundred of them!  Was I thinking I'd have a hundred friends over for gelatto or something?

 Success!  Found a long lost combo to one of the bike locks, hurray!

 Ready to reload.  I work with the trash can close at hand.

 Today's sentimental thing found: a Hungry Caterpillar magnet Zack and I made when he was a preschooler. Totally keeping it. :-)

 Remember these?  I don't think I've cracked a yellow phone book in 3 or 4 years, yet I give them space in my junk drawer.  I think it's time to say goodbye to the phone books.  I'm sure if I dug around on pinterest somebody's probably modge-podging with yellow phone book pages, but I'm on a mission.  To the recycle bin you go!

 Speaking of Pinterest: I have Pinterest now.  So long heaps of magazine recipes...I probably would never have gotten around to you anyway.

45 minutes later, my junk drawer has room to breath.  It was touch and go for a minute. I realized I often give up right at the finish line with these types of projects.  I get to this point where I no longer want to make decisions about each item, and I say oh well and just fit everything back in as good as I can.  This time I left a lot of space, because let's face it, it's a junk drawer.  It will be full to the brim again by Christmas, and that's okay.

Do you have a junk drawer?  Does it bug you or do you accept it as a needed space in your home?


  1. I think the junk drawer is the only space in the house that I straighten everyday! Ha! Now maybe I should put that focus on the huge pile of clean laundry on the guest bed!

    1. Wow, every day?! That's incredible! I feel like I need the junk drawer to be a place of chaos. LOL

  2. Hi Shannon!
    I enjoyed listening to Django Reinhardt as I read your blog. Gotta love jazz !
    Junk drawer is looking awesome!

  3. I have two junk drawers! and they are both tidy :) I can't stand a mess, so I tidy them when I am in them. Love your productivity :)

  4. Love you voice here! Especially the part about the spoons!

  5. I totally have a junk drawer. It's full of those magazines with offers to places like the carwash and pizza places we might eat at, if we ever went out for pizza, which we hardly ever do, and if we did it would be spur of the moment and we wouldn't have the dang coupon with us anyway, because then the junk drawer would have to live in the car.

    Man, I am totally doing this clean-out project in November.