Monday, October 8, 2012

Day 8: Another Kitchen Cabinet

 Day Eight: Another kitchen cabinet.  Today will be my last day in the kitchen. I have a few more things I could do there, but I'm so bored!  So today's soundtrack was Coach Earl Bruce, former coach of the Ohio State Buckeyes, on the John Corby radio show.

Here is the offending cabinet.

My goal was to have it all done by the time my water for tea boiled.

For starters: why did I not tack down this contact paper? The other two were done, but for some reason this one was left un-stuck.  This project has me pondering the mysteries of my own thinking.

All the stuff.

Consolidation is everything.  This is the remains of seven boxes of tea, now in a nice airtight container.

Old stuff.  The baking powder is empty, the baking soda nearly so, and old at that, the honey has been crystalized and living in the cabinet for at least a year, and I'm pretty sure I bought those bullion cubes when we first got married.  That was ten years ago. Reminds me of a funny thing: when I was still living on my own, I had a box of baking soda.  I had purchased it while living in my first apartment, then moved it six or so times over the next 8 years.  It was in a cabinet next to an equally old container of garlic powder whose lid would not close.  Helpless as I was in the kitchen, and with no good working knowledge of chemistry, I always wondered why the few batches of cookies I tried to bake never "turned out" and tasted kind of weird. Yes things have a shelf life.

Another mystery: I spend so much time trying to find foods without this stuff...why did I ever buy a bottle of it?

Ready to party!  I mentioned before that I"m pretty well set for Nathan's birthday this month.  You know how in every space there is more sentimental stuff? Yeah, that's right...birthday candles.  The good thing is I can do what my mom always did and use the numbers alongside single candles...the "3" candle next to five singles for 35 and so forth.  Why waste a good candle?  So I bundled this all up in a container on its own.

Stuff I won't use, ever: mini tart thingies.  Another miscellaneous gift.

Sometimes you have to accept that you made a bad purchase.  Took these camping and they wouldn't light.  I did hear that you can use the match heads for the sulphur in your garden, so I chucked them in with my seeds and things.

Why on God's earth do I have this many sprinkles, especially when I keep repeating that I don't want us eating sweets all the time?  Plus half were very, very old.  So I kept the other half for Christmas.  Also I might just be able to use them for a scout event.  Never again.

Old decor.  Tossed the crumpled ones, and put the nicer ones where they belong, with craft things.

Finished product.  About 20 minutes working time, so my tea was nice and steeped. I am happy with the results today.  A lot went into the trash or recycling, and I think I made good decisions.  Bonus of this first week: I was able to go to the grocery store without a list, confidently aware of what I had and what I needed.  I spent about half of our normal grocery bill.  This has been great.

Tomorrow I will finally hit a new space in the house.  Hurray!


  1. I bet it feels so good to open that cupboard now! I'm loving these posts, you are inspiring me like crazy! Good work!

  2. I like the part that is saving you money at the grocery store! I think I would benefit from an inventory.

  3. The Corn Syrup comment cracked me up. No doubt I have a bottle as well. :)

  4. You've inspired me to "think" about cleaning out my cabinets. LOL! Love the corn syrup pic.

  5. Just catching up on these posts. I think I can answer the question about the corn syrup. Have you ever tried making homemade fudge? I believe corn syrup like that is a key ingredient....and if it's not fudge it's some other sweet treat that my mother made only around the holidays.