Thursday, October 18, 2012

Day Eighteen: My Desk

Day 18, and I'm wondering when it will end!
Today was my desk top.
The problem with this project is we tend to try to do everything associated.
Like pay all the bills, make all the phone calls, etc.
Today I just went for paper elimination, and returning items to
the most logical place possible.

Okay first of all, I don't even have a daughter.  Though I have worn not one but two
different bridesmaid dresses that looked just like these.

Magazines that we don't even read.  I think the 
subscriptions are close to the end.

Mid-way...manageable piles.

As I expected, mostly paper.  Usually the junk mail doesn't 
even gain entrance to the house.  However, husband now works
a lot from home, and often puts off making decisions about
what is and is not junk.

My easiest filing scheme yet: for the past two years, I just put everything 
in one big filing folder, arranged by month.  I have not had to go back
and pull more than maybe 1% of this.  I have always been able to find the needed document.
I keep the current year and previous year, tossing the rest.
The exceptions being our tax documents, which have their
own envelope, and a nice CYA file we keep in a secure location.

Found school pics just in time to give them out to family.

My boy :-)

Honestly, I have to throw this away???

Finished.  A pile of coupons (yay!) and a pile to do tomorrow, which is 
my usual day to do bills and paperwork. I also have a small pile
for the CYA folder and a pile for the shredder.

Some notes on today: first, I used email instead of filling out forms for corresponding with the school room mothers.  More and more I'm doing that.  Or kids party invitations.  RSVP via email, that put it into my e-calendar, and I'm done.  Everything is in the cloud.  Love that.  Next, I focused on the task at hand.  Trying to do this big project, then turn around and write bills and do the checkbook and update iBank (and fret over the money, ha ha) would totally stress me out, not to mention take all day.  Just wading through this paper took me an hour.  All that other stuff is a task in and of itself.  Another thought: sometimes the desk becomes a magnet for things that I'm too lazy to put in their proper place, but sometimes the reason I don't put the thing away is because the place I've made for it doesn't make any sense.  Putting all my scout materials into my den leader book makes sense, because I use it frequently.  Putting bank statements in a file in a room I never set foot in makes no sense at all.  Putting my checkbook and stamps in a drawer on the other side of the room from where I do bills is silly.  And the take home message: This gigantic pile of paper was not important.  I was able to winnow it down to just a small pile of truly important items.  I think I often place too much importance on things that aren't. Will this make me suddenly Ms. Pays-her-bills-daily?  Doubtful.  But it's in order and it's another task done.

Paperwork: how do you deal?  On top of it or underneath?  Ideas?


  1. This is our first duty station that the hubby will be non-deployable for so when he asked if I wanted him to take over all the paperwork I didn't even blink an eye :) Now I make a little pile for him in the corner of the kitchen and blissfully walk away! Totally loving it, although I'm sure 2 years from now it would be a rude awakening, so today I bookmarked this post! Happy Friday to you!

  2. I hate paperwork. I also do not have a desk, s I end up with a stack on my kitchen counter. HATE IT!! Mostly they are school papers. I can never seem to know what to do with them.

  3. Ha, we got the same American Girl doll catalog and I have two boys, too.

  4. I'm curious how you file the paperwork such that you just toss at the end of the year. I do something sort of similar...but I end up keeping a good deal of it with taxes. Perhaps this is because of self employment. What kind of paperwork are you keeping? Why do you let yourself toss at the end of the year?

    1. Okay I keep a current year and a previous year of paperwork, filed by month. When I reach the end of the year, I basically toss the previous year. So in other words, right now I have 2011 and 2012. When I do my taxes for 2012, I will toss everything from 2011. So that is basically everything from bills, receipts, insurance paperwork. The things I keep are taxes, and husband and I have every year we've ever filed, warranties, anything that seems very important. We keep a master file of account numbers for all our insurance, bank accounts and investments, but don't bother with all those statements either. I think in the new year I may start doing more scanning of documents, and also stop a lot of monthly statments from being sent...I never look at them anyway.