Friday, October 5, 2012

Day Five: Four Kitchen Drawers

Here we are at Day 5, and I have to tell you I almost skipped it.  Was busy in the yard, volunteering with one of the boys' teachers, and we have a cubscout pack meeting tonight.  But I dug in, and picked a fairly easy job to get done.  Today's cleaning music is Rush's latest "Clockwork Angels" in honor of them getting nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  Not that it matters to the fans...we know they are the awesomest of all time and don't need no stinkin' hall of fame. 

Four drawers, small and stuffed.

Wow it's mostly trashable stuff.  Easy peasy.

Um why did I hang on to these?  Gross!

Today's sentimental item: a gift from Florence.  Florence was not only my childhood Sunday school teacher, but my father's as well.  My husband and I were members for several years at that church, and every couple married at church got a set of these as a wedding gift from Florence.  She passed away a few years ago.  I miss her still.  So yes, I'm totally keeping it, and heck it's very useful.

Part of the issue with the stuffed drawers: I found 5 Christmas towels, 2 bathroom hand towels and 7 rags folded up with the dishtowels.  The nuance of the difference between these items escapes the males in this house.  (All the Christmas items for for another time, lol.)

These are a few loose cookie cutters from my set of 100.  What possessed me to buy 100 cookie cutters I cannot say.  It was in the flurry of getting proper baking gear for the preschool cookie requirement for the fundraiser.  Regardless, of the 100, I've only ever used the Christmas shapes, and two or three of the other ones.  See, I'm trying to get us to stop eating so much crap.  And the school has kindly more or less outlawed sweets for class parties. And honestly if I bake cookies, we will eat them. Quickly too. Something happens to you when you become a stay at home mom where you think you have to be baking cookies all the darned time.  So I've decided that when I get to the baking cupboard I will finally give away most of the cookie cutters.

I found a chef's hat from when one of the boys went for Halloween as Remi the Rat from "Rattatouille."  Cute, but off to the giveaway bag, just in time for Halloween!

Four drawers: lean, mean and clean.  Total time spent: a mere 15 minutes.

Have a great weekend!


  1. I keep hoping you find some money! Keep going you will have a super organized house in the end.

  2. How cute are you in that chefs hat!
    and how RAD are your drawers now!!!!!! (very!)

  3. My drawers and cupboards need some organizing too. My husband can't throw away free silverware from takeouts.