Thursday, October 4, 2012

Day Four: Seldom used kitchen cabinet #1

Day Four: a seldom used cabinet.  Working to the Statler Brothers today.  It's good music to pine to, and cleaning cabinets is a handy pining activity.  Personally I'm not pining, but the Statler Brothers' music makes me sort of sigh and wish I had something to pine about.  Anyway, on with the cleaning.

Stuffed cabinet.  And yes, that's a bottle of Jaegermeister.  It is an annual Christmas gift from my Austrian MIL.  Christmas Eve is a hoot at our house.

Step one was to get some contact paper on the bottom shelf.  I have no idea why I papered the top shelf but not the bottom.

Here's the junk from the cabinet.

Easy thing to get rid of: my Babycakes Cake Pop Maker.  I'll say's not hard to use, and I loved the cake pops I made for my new SIL's bridal shower.   I also liked that priced at $19.99 that was way cheaper than the $40 and up quotes I got from bakers for cake pops.  That said, I don't see a lot of cake pop making in my future.  My kids are kind of outgrowing theme parties, plus they eat so fast these days that it doesn't seem worth the effort, lol.  So off to the resale shop it goes!

Here's a keeper: a copy of the master recipe for Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a day.  In plastic to keep it  safe, and tucked in my now clean junk drawer.  Useful!

Three useful clear containers, off to be washed and stowed in the pantry for dry goods storage.  See, I totally forgot we even owned them.

Two German/Austrian steins.  Honey, these would look great in your office!  Yeah I love junk, but only the junk of my own choosing, I guess.

Entertaining stuff.  Since I host birthday parties, book clubs and other holiday gatherings this stuff is all very useful.  More on holiday clutter tomorrow when I do Seldom Used Kitchen Cabinet #2.

Stuff we just don't use.  I showed the husband who balked at getting rid of any of it.  "I'm going to make creme brulee, and then I will use that torch.  And that's a great peppermill, we should put it out more....etc...  Having this visual record is great because if these items are still unused in six months, out the door they go!

Mugs.  How do our lives get so cluttered with mugs?  Why do we attach such sentiment to them?  I should do a whole post of getting out all the mugs we own, but I don't want to do that because the husband will figure out that I've purged 20+ mugs of his over the ten years of our marriage. :-)

Again with the useful stuff.  This is my stash of paper napkins and unused plastic-ware. We use cloth napkins at home, and even if we get carryout we use stainless and save the plastic stuff.  I do use them for the boys' lunchboxes and gatherings.  My family loves me and chuckle good naturedly when handed a Wendy's fork at a cookout.  

A gadget that forever has a place in this house.  I got it back when the kiddos were in preschool, and we had to make 14 dozen cookies (literally) for the school fundraiser every December.  I'd say I probably pull this out once a month...I make nearly every birthday cake for the family, plus it's great for doughs and batters of all types.

End result: better, but somehow unsatisfying.  I feel my resolve weakening.  I want to purge more.  I'm currently reading You Can Buy Happiness and It's Cheap by Tammy Strobel of Rowdy Kittens.  She and her husband got rid of all of their stuff and bought a Tiny House.   Now, do I want to live in 130 square feet?  No, not so much.  But do I believe I can radically change my life and live with a lot less stuff?  Yes.  I'm hoping tomorrow goes a bit better. 

What kinds of things do you hang on to that you can't explain why?


  1. I hang onto folders. Just love office supplies. I was successful in school, I guess.

    1. I love office supplies too! And school supplies. Every fall I want to buy my own crayons and pencils and composition books. If I ever get out of the kitchen you'll see this month that I have my share of that stuff too ;-)

  2. Ok, this project I really need to do. I have a long cabinet that goes into the corner. It should have one of those lazy-susan type things, but doesn't. That's where all the junk goes to die. May it rest in peace.

    Tonight! I will tackle the cabinet. Thanks for the push.

    My mixer stays on the counter. I've thought of putting it away, but I use it way too much - every week at least and sometimes more.

  3. I will be re-thinking the 31 day thing next year. Not sure I'm up for the challenge, I have to work 6 out of the next 7 days. How's it going for you?

    1. Yikes that's a lot. I'm doing okay withes little short things but we will see. Next week is a busy one for me!