Sunday, October 14, 2012

Day Fourteen: A Basket of Decor Items

Here we are, day 14.  Yes, I missed again yesterday.  Just too much to do. Busy all day with the kids' activities.  An unexpected result of this little project was that these busy days aren't bothering me as much.  Usually, looking at the calendar to see five things on the same Saturday is a great source of anxiety for me.  I don't sleep well.  I worry.  I fret.  This week I did none of those things.  I moved gallantly from thing to thing, doing my best as I went.  Hurray!  So, today I tackled a basket of decor items, to the sounds of my son's drum practice.

My stuffed bin.  This little task actually inspired me to set up my Halloween decor.

Four seasons of Yankee candles.  This made me rethink how I store decor items, and how I really need to just bundle them seasonally, since that's how I use them.

All my little blue pretties are packed away for the moment.

Sentimental stuff made by Zack.  I packed it away with the intention of maybe doing all kids' artwork as the decor after the Christmas stuff comes down.

Candlesticks made by my SIL. We always have them on our Thanksgiving table, since she and her husband live so far away.

Reloaded my basket with items for after Halloween.  I tend to enjoy browns and earthy things at that time of year.

I only purged two things.  I don't see this as a failure because I actually like objects and I like changing up the decor in our home from time to time.  However, I'm streamlining my understanding of my own tastes.  I like graphic objects, I like bold objects, and I like to see either monochrome or a color story happening.  It's a fun, creative thing. That said, I know that a lot of the things I shifted to the basement this morning will come up again when I clean out my forgotten seasonal bins.

Finished the shelf decor with my favorite Halloween goodies.

Do you like to decorate with the seasons?  To you hang on to too much stuff?


  1. Hey Shannon!
    I've been keeping up with your cleaning and purging, doesn't it feel great?! You've really accomplished a lot! Grouping seasonal items is a wonderful idea : )

    1. Thanks! It's not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I'm surprisingly energized by this project.

  2. I haven't missed any days but I have re-posted some posts from the first couple months of my blog when I had few followers. It's tough. I don't have any kids left at home but I do work 4 days a week.

  3. I'm a big seasonal decorator. I think the things in my home matter. I'm so glad you treasure your things. This post shows it. Your family is lucky. And you've found a peace, it sounds like, focusing on what the stuff in your life brings or clogs. That's what it's all about, right? So glad to be on this journey together!