Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Day Nine: Under the Bathroom Sink

And here we are Day 9 and I'm cleaning out under my powder room sink. Cleaning to the sounds of Tom and Jerry from the television this fine Tuesday.

It's pretty stuffed, can't get in for a good shot.  Take my word on it.

All the stuff in the corner, minus some trash.  Pardon the mess.

Stuff like this: it's okay to refill bottles, but why do I keep buying new ones?  Mental note to start buying the refill stuff again.

This was empty. Just taking up space.

A bunch of forgotten hand towels.  Off to be washed, and two will be used for rags.

Took the poison ivy stuff to put with the camp gear, and honestly I don't even think we still have the torch that goes with the Off! stuff.  Why would I put it in the bathroom?

Sentimental stuff, even in the potty.  An assortment of potty seats.  Sitting there on the floor took me back to the hours spent reading books and dishing up M&Ms and putting stickers on a wall calendar with the boys. Glad that's over, lol. What really makes me a little bummed about stuff like this is I'm pretty sure you can't donate them despite them being clean and in fine condition.  There are so many things about our lives that are so wasteful.  I ended up chucking too, and keeping the sturdiest one for young visitors.  It is stored in the basement with my ONLY things I kept for babies: potty seat, step stool, pack-n-play and a high chair you strap to the kitchen chair.  If my siblings are reading I am fixed for future nieces and nephews. ;-)

All done.  It only took me about ten minutes.  Mostly trash, I only kept things we use frequently, plus two first aid kits and the hair clippers.  I am getting fairly ruthless in my pitching of things.  I'm realizing that often my biggest problem with clutter is that if I have space for everything, I don't question why I'm keeping these items.  In every space I touch, I'm now going for leftover space.  It's really a good feeling to open a cabinet that's only half full!

A fun update: We had six bags of trash this week, nearly all from this project.  Usually we only have a bag a week because we recycle and compost.  It really shows how much trash was in the house.  Before we're done I'll show you how much stuff I've piled up to sell or donate!


  1. Shannon, i think my under sink bathroom cabinet needs cleaning out too but I think it's dabs of cleaning supplies that I bought and didn't really like. And some empty plastic grocery bags that I use in my bathroom garbage can.

    1. I have some Leander's in my laundry room that I never use too, but I hate the idea of just throwing them out.

  2. Rock on momma! I have truly caught this bug :)

  3. I love that you had so many kiddie potty seats! That made me laugh... and made me realize I will have that same problem soon (except ours are still in use). My DD is almost ready to transition from the on-the-floor potty to one that fits on the actual toilet, but the little one is just getting to the on-the-floor potty stage... You have me wondering what will I do with all those pottys?