Monday, October 1, 2012

Day One: The Pantry

 Welcome to Day 1, and sorry for the heaps of photos! Today's soundtrack was Genesis: "And Then There Were Three."  I love old Genesis!

 I picked the pantry because it's shopping day.  I thought I'd clean it out before shopping for a change. Started with emptying it all out.  Wow, what a mess.

I didn't realize how many old vitamins and spices there were.  I tossed all the expired stuff, plus all the ancient stuff. Ancient spices are not good eats!

Wow, look at my kitchen!  I tackled the low hanging fruit first: empty boxes, nearly empty boxes, and things for next month's food drive.  I always have issues with that: if I don't want to eat it, why am I giving it away?

Two open bags of chips: now consolidated.   Hummus goes on this week's shopping list.

I like to use containers I have for bulk grains and things.  My favorite containers are from the Chinese takeout, premade salads from the grocery store, and of course a few mason jars.  I also sometimes clip the cooking instructions off the bag and tape them to the container.  They are all clear so I can see what I have.

Tossed the old candy (not even sure where it came from) and recycled lots of containers and boxes.

Yay, I have plenty of stuff for Nathan's birthday this month.  Have to keep reminding myself I do not need to run out and buy new every time we have company!

The cake too!

Two cans of "medicinal" 7-up win permanent cabinet space in our house.  It is the favorite re-hydration beverage around here for crummy tummies.

Consolidated all remaining snack foods.  We have lots of snacks so no one should go hungry between meals (as if they do!)

Random stuff that no longer gets a home in the pantry.  The hardest part about any kind of purging is making decisions.  I think these items will show up in a later post. :-)

Ta-Da!  This project took about two hours, so it went over.  I knew it would. The pantry is a beast.  The good thing now is that I am reacquainted with what I have.  And I have a lot.  And there was very little waste, which is great. So I will not be going out to the grocery store after all.  As an additional bonus, the husband and I heated up some frozen leftover bean soup for lunch instead of me picking something up from the store, which is a bad habit I've fallen into again.  Good day! 

Pantry tips?  How do you keep your pantry functioning?


  1. Boy, I wish I had a pantry! I tend to store those types of things in the cabinets above the stove, and things definitely disappear up there.

  2. My pantry has very deep shelves and i have yet come up with a plan to keep things organized. I am sure there is a way...i just havent found it yet lol

    I would love to join you in cleaning out my pantry. Perhaps i should spend part of today researching storage options for deep shelves.

    Thank you Shannon for inspiring me to seek out answers to my pantry issues.

  3. There definitely is a good feeling about getting these small spaces done.

  4. Hi Shannon!
    I thought I'd drop by-- the "Ancient spices are not good eats" made me laugh out loud : )
    Best of luck to you on your 31 day posts. I'll drop by again!

  5. Shannon, if I stand any chance at all this month (thanks for the tip!) I can't do 2-hour projects!

    I'm a 15-minute max girl. Short attention span, I guess. But you went for it! Way to go!!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Now I am actually glad I do not have a pantry. You did a fabulous though!

  7. 2 hours?! Well done! Those projects always seem to take me all day.