Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Day Seventeen: my Nightstand

Day Seventeen, and I'm barely hanging in there, lol.  Had a very busy but fun morning running errands, having lunch with my aunt, walking with my friend, trying to catch up on garden chores before the rain, and actually taking a few moments to enjoy the nature this fall. So thank you thank you thank you bloggy friends for all the encouragement because I did not feel like doing this at all.
Hard to see, because I'm photographing this after sundown, but it's my nightstand. I won't show you the inside, because it's a bit private.  Let's just say it's stuffed.

There was a stack of good intentions.

Mementos of babyhood. Do you see my son's wee glasses?
The journals I was keeping for them.  Kind of a 
good idea that I might revisit.

Pictures of moi.

Score!  I was just thinking about a dark nail
polish for halloween, and lo and behold I had
that same idea last year!

Mementos from my trip to Ireland in my overpriced basket.

Forgotten novels, partially read.

A few useful things, misplaced.

My only stuffed from the boys mostly.

Baby teeth.  Bizarre that moms keep these.
But what do you do with them?
When my mom died we found our baby teeth in her dresser.
We threw them out, of course.
But it was easier to chuck my own teeth, lol.

I'm not ashamed.  This is a large box of I think nearly every card I've ever received.
It's a dying nicety, sending cards.  My kids can chuck them when I'm gone.

Finished.  Tidier and more useful.

Extra room in the drawer.  I have a King James Bible, spare reading glasses,
thermometer, wallet, favorite foot cream, a novel, and tissues.

A tidy bag of trash and a few odds and ends to give away.

Today's challenge was that I put off the task so late in the day that I didn't want to do it.  My kids were bugging me.  I was exhausted.  But like all of these tasks I knew that it wouldn't take long, and I'd feel better if I just got it done.  A new thing I realized about this project: I like the freedom of picking what I want to do each day.  I do not have a big list or schedule or any of that. Literally every day I wake up and think 'what do I want to tackle today?'  Some days the busy schedule dictates a small job, some days necessity decides.  Like yesterday, I had clean clothes to put away and literally could not fit even one more shirt into a drawer.  Something I'm discovering is that I really hate to-do lists.  Hate them.  A long to-do list, for me, is just a long list of little failures.  Some people love them, and bless you if you're one of them, life is simpler for you in that way.  For me there is a little more process to accomplishment.  When I sit down to make a lot of lists, I am just procrastinating.  And I make those lists impossibly long, guaranteeing I won't finish.  By going the path I've chosen, one project a day, me deciding the project based on the day, I get things done and finish the day with a sense of accomplishment.  Basically it's all a mental game, and this is working for me beyond anything I would have predicted.

So are you a list maker, or do you react to the day as it comes?


  1. I need to clean up my nightstands too! Haha I think you've inspired me to do that tomorrow :) Keep up the great work with your site!

    Stay Glamorous!
    xxx Lottie Lee

  2. I am a list maker but I am flexible in my list. Sometimes I don't feel like doing things so I will put it off. We had a plumber come and install new tub taps in both upstairs bathrooms. I had to clean out two closets for the access panels. I felt so accomplished and it was NOT on the list :)

  3. I'm a wishy washy list maker, someday its exactly what I need other days I prefer to be inspired! I am loving these posts! There have been days this week where I open a drawer or a cupboard and think "Shannon would want me to organize this!" Ha! Your in my head :)