Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Day Sixteen: 3 clothing drawers

Day 13: cleaned 3 drawers in my room. Today was pretty awesome.  Aside from getting a ton of stuff done around the house, going walking with my friend, reading a bunch, doing an hour of garden chores and making an awesome dinner, I got this project done.

I did this before putting away my laundry, going on the assumption that if it's currently in the laundry, it's actively being worn.

dumped stuff out completely.

As a rule I only keep a few of these type of shirts.  I am set for Rush concerts, 4th of July and Buckeye games.  No need to ever buy any of this stuff again.

Two shirts that I cut into rags.  One was stained, one had holes in the front.  Would you believe I had these in a heap to be ragged in the spring and pulled them out?  What, it was just a bit of holes and stains.  Perfectly fine to wear!  Not!  I went ahead and cut them up quickly so I wouldn't lose my resolve later!

My pants drawer, after taking out summer clothing and things that I am donating.  My shirt drawer had a few things in it.  

Packing away summer.

A bag of giveaway stuff.  Lots of bras that don't fit.  Why do we keep them around?  Yes they are expensive.  But an ill fitting bra doesn't do us any good.  Thrifts will take them.  I also unloaded a half dozen shirts that don't flatter me or I don't wear for whatever reason.

Today's bit of deep thought involved considering weight issues.  It does me no good to hang on to things that I hope to fit into by spring.  That has never worked for me so far and it probably won't work this time either.  I would love to tell you that I did it, I got rid of all the too small clothing and decided to start fresh.  But I didn't.  There are a few things in my drawers, as we speak, that I don't fit into.  Hopefully I can work through this need to cling.


  1. Gorgeous wood drawer! That would inspire me to stay on the empty side.

    I know what you mean about bras. Just had someone here who needed my size and that made it sooooo much easier to pass along.

  2. The first time I did this it felt so so good. Now I keep a box in my closet and I do it on a regular basis.
    Good luck with your project! you're making me want to start again