Saturday, October 20, 2012

Day twenty: Bathroom Cabinets

Day Twenty finds us in the bathroom, one of the jobs I really dread.  But first a word about yesterday.
I shocked my kids by taking them to see a first run movie on their day off school.  I worked for a national theater chain for ten years and got ten years of free movies.  I hate paying for movies.  That said, at least it was a matinee.  I took them to lunch, and then to Walmart to buy decorations for the yard, to "spooky it up" as my elder son put it.  I decided to take the "spend out" approach espoused by Gretchen Rubin in her book The Happiness Project.  Sometimes you just have to loosen up and go with it.  We had a great day.  Then we got home and, on realizing we had no obligations, I crashed on the couch.  So here we go with a "supersize Saturday" post, which was a big 1.5 hour job.
My bathroom counter and tub area.

Under the sink on my side. Husband's side wasn't too bad.

Most of the stuff, in a tremendous heap. 

Did you know these bath products can sort of "turn?" When they get weird and cloudy and start to separate I don't care to use them.  So I actually stow them in the bathroom and clean the toilet with them.  I think I ignore products with such strong scents these days.  I never give them as gifts anymore unless I 100% know the person uses a certain scent.

Unfinished projects.  Sad.  Need to be revisited.

Another undecided project.

Reached an overwhelmed point in the process and decided to photograph what I consider to be the essential things I use in the bathroom.  Really, that's pretty much it.  Doing this helped me to make better decisions on what to get rid of. 

Okay, here's my stockpile.  I'm not "extreme" but everything here was purchased with coupons for free or cheap.  I have made a solemn vow that I won't buy any of this stuff for a while unless I can get it for free, because at least we can donate it.  (And in fact, half of this will go into a Scouting for Food bag in a couple weeks.)

I figure it's okay to do this if I can contain myself to a fixed amount of space.

Two bags of trash, not bad.  I followed all the rules and got rid of the old makeup and stuff.
I also learned the hard way that cherry flavored zinc lozenges turn into black goo, if given time.


A few after shots.  Things are looking a lot better, but boy I'm really losing steam on getting rid of stuff.  I did actually have several unopened items to donate, like blue hair gel for Halloween.  I'm starting to see that when I get through these 31 days, it's only the beginning.  I want to learn to live with a lot less.  The good thing is that as I work through this I am spending A LOT less money than usual.  I am actually shocked.  I'm realizing that I don't need all these little stockpiles, and how much happier I am with less. I'm also feeling more at ease with doing this than when the kids were small.  I always felt I had to snatch all those deals and fortify us with extra everything. 

Do you stock up on deals?  Do you find that the coupon deals have evaporated since the "Extreme Couponers" show went on the air?


  1. Wow that's a lot of advancement in your project! Keep going

  2. Way to go Shannon. Bathroom storage looks great.

  3. I do not stockpile I have a hard time matching up coupons with sales they never seem to coordinate. I love the after photos of your bathroom so tidy!!

  4. Oh I bet that felt so good to tidy up!!! Want to come do mine? lol :) Great job! Loving this daily dose to cleaning inspiration :)

  5. YOU DID GREAT! I'm really impressed!
    So glad you are donating what you don't need.
    Good for you!!!!

  6. Another wonderful post- and what an improvement! I need to do the same thing. The area underneath my bathroom cabinets is a cluttered wreck right now, but I figure I'll clear it up when I move :)

    I do stockpile on hygiene products when coupon deals arise- but I think you're correct in that since that show came out, they've all but disappeared! Sometimes I'll still get a bargain on razors / deodorant / toothpaste etc, but it's definitely not as good as it used to be. (Oh and I don't have a stockpile like those crazy couponers either, but still enough spares to last me a while!).

    Keep up the wonderful work- these challenges are *definitely* good inspiration to get uncluttered! I can't wait to do the same thing :)

    xxx Lottie Lee

  7. Zinc the hard way, huh? I wish I could have been there for that! Sounds like an adventure.

  8. Such a nice design for a bathroom! I'd also love to see how you could put a touch of creativity in one of those 5 foot bathtubs.