Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Day Two: Under the Kitchen Sink

Day 2: Under the kitchen sink.  Today's soundtrack: Best of Simon and Garfunkel

Wow look at all that stuff!

 Everybody out!

 Why are these things even under there?  A lot of stuff just needed to be returned to where I use it, like these planters.

Away with things that I don't use.  This box of gloves made me sad every time I saw it.  It was leftover from when I was helping to care for my dad at his home during his last days.  I think I didn't want them to go to waste or something.  Bye bye gloves.

 Sorry Amy Daczyzn, but I can see no daily use for bread tabs.

 Now this is useful...3 empty orange mesh bags become one new scrubby for the sink.

 A jar of rubber bands and tiny toys.  It's like a reminder of the kids' toddlerhood in miniature.  For now it stays.

 Hello, fire extinguisher. Thank goodness I haven't needed you lately.

Two Jones soda bottles with a photo of my brother and sister in law.  I had these made and gave them out as a favor at their rehearsal.  They were cool and all, but hanging on to stuff like this amounts to living in the past.  "Remember that one time when I had that cool idea?"  Maybe I need to make space for even more cool ideas.

 Finished.  Clean, a few useful things are left.  Like a frozen juice container---great to pour hot grease into for disposal.  Also a small stack of yogurt cups for painting projects, with the vow that I don't keep anymore until I'm out. Things that actually get used in the kitchen are all I have room for.  Total time was far less than I thought: about 30 minutes.  I even wiped it out.


  1. Nice job. I was forced to do this recently. We had a huge water leak...I should say flood, because it was definitely a flood.


    1. Yeah, been there! I don't know why this zone gets so bad. It's just an easy junk magnet.

  2. Woot woot! Looks great! I think I will do under the sink today as well!

  3. Sorry to burst in here, I found you through the Non Consumer Advocate. I love this project and wish I'd seen it before October started -- maybe I'll tackle it in November! Anyway, I wanted to offer you a safety tip. I saw that your fire extinguisher is in the very back of the cabinet. We keep ours on the kitchen counter, next to the sink and away from the stove (because that's where the fire is most likely to start, and I don't want to reach through flames for the extinguisher). Wherever you keep it, it should be somewhere where it's easy to grab in a panic, and where someone who doesn't know your house can spot it quickly. For me, that wouldn't be in the back of the cabinet under the sink.

    I hope this doesn't come across as preachy or condescending, and I hope you never have to use your extinguisher, but my safety radar went off, I guess. Thanks for listening :).