Sunday, October 7, 2012

Days Six and Seven: Seldom Used Cabinet #2 and a Micro-Task

Welcome to days Six and Seven.  The 2 projects were my overstuffed island and a small pitcher of kitchen implements.  The only soundtrack was the sounds of my kids watching a Rush documentary with their father.

 First off, let's get real: I spent Day 6 running a kid to drum lessons, attending the other kid's soccer game, selling scout popcorn with both kids, and hustling off to a desperately needed evening out with girlfriends.  Nothing was accomplished, so today I did one small and one big project today.

My island opens from both sides.

This means when you push stuff in too far on one side, it comes out the other.

The stuff, all over the floor.

First decision made: when to give up on a project.  When we had the island installed, the builder suggested we get some vinyl tile to protect the shelving.  We thought this sounded reasonable.  Four years later, still haven't done it.  Likely never will.  

Lots of place mats and  table cloths and things.  My vintage table cloths that I love so much came to me already with holes and stains, so I use them for when we go camping.  removed them, and my party table cloth, to go to their proper storage.  Ugly place mats (like from husband's bachelorhood)  are going, as well as a couple of hard to clean sets.

I keep thinking surely there won't be a sentimental item in this mess. It's a lacy table cloth my mom gave me, and a napkin holder from Ken's family.  The table cloth doesn't fit our table, though I could layer it, and I sometimes use it to cover the island to make a buffet out of it.  We don't use paper napkins either.  Sigh.

Love these.  Two chip and dip bowl sets, vintage.  I entertain enough---at least six times a year---to make it worthwhile to hang on to them.

Not making the cut.  This thing is hard to clean, quesadillas are a bit of a hassle to make (you have to cook everything, then put it in a tortilla and cook it again) and I can do that on a skillet.  And I can actually submerge the skillet.  This was a gift to us from the MIL whom I think really didn't know what to get us.  I hate to give gifts away, but it's not serving us well.

These stay.  You can never have enough trivets.  Especially when you host Thanksgiving for a lot of people, and two gatherings every Christmas.

Another gift.  I go back to the fact that I should not be eating as much sweets as I already do, so baking special little desserts just isn't going to happen.

Ah, fondue pot.  I found you at the thrift store that one time, about a week after an expensive evening out at the Melting Pot.  The funny thing about stuff like this: I actually made cheese fondue for my kids, and they liked it!  It was a fun meal, we took our time and enjoyed it.  I wonder if I should either get rid of it, or make more time for fondue.  Maybe we'll at least try doing chocolate...I know they would love that!

Okay, husband and I searched high and low for one of these baskets, for hanging up vegetables in the kitchen, only to find none in the retail world.  Then I ran into them at every thrift store, picking several up.  Never used.  Turns out there is no good place in our kitchen to hang them.  We tried doing food storage in the basement for a while and it just didn't work...kept forgetting what was down there.  I'm keeping them for a few days, just until we finally rule out the possibility of finding a place for it.

Must stop accepting all this free junk from people.

Finished.  Only the useful stuff here: crock pot, blender, mixer, waffle iron and coffee grinder.

Less used stuff, but much more manageable. Tidy pile of stuff is on its way to be sold or donated. Total time: about a half hour.

Micro-project: a bunch of utensils in a pot.

These get dusty if not used often.
I removed everything I don't use at least once a week, and washed out the container. Total time: about five minutes.  One of the many useful jobs I usually blow off.

Phew, my kitchen is starting to look awesome!  I'm getting sick of it though.  I will spend one more day in the kitchen, possibly on the last two things, then we will move on.

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  1. Awesome job Shannon! Your island looks great, and I bet your feel great too. Thanks for your compliment on my ring. I really love it too. My wedding ring needs to be sized up, so I have been wearing this ring (anniversary) that Brian gave me last year on my wedding ring finger. :) Have a great week!