Thursday, November 29, 2012

The hangout

Our house is becoming the neighborhood hangout after school.
The boys come screeching home, asking if so and so can come for a while.
They mostly play ball in the backyard.
The cooler temps have brought them in.
I'm glad they have nice friends.
I don't really mind at all.


  1. such a cozy photo! I can see why your house is the hang out, look at that whipped topping!!!

  2. That's great; cherish it! Our situation is exactly the opposite- our neighbors are so strange- they won't let their kids (same ages!) play with ours. When ours are outside (all the time) they just stare at them out the window. How do you tell your kids that adults can be real jerks sometimes?

  3. Honestly, my first thought when I read your post was, "You bragging or complaining?" I think it is WONDERFUL, and I know you do too.

    That has been one of the unexpected treats of Warren living with us. Sam was just always such a loner that he rarely had friends over. (Warren being the main exception.) Warren, on the other hand, is a very social guy and I frequently come home to find my couch full of boys eating pizza and watching a movie. And I love it!

  4. Love it! I think it is great that the kids congregate at your home. It says a lot about you as a Mom, in that your kids want the friends to come over and that their friends feel comfortable in your home. Great job Shannon, you are a wonderful Mom!!