Sunday, December 30, 2012

Recapping the Year

As I sip my cocoa and huddle under my favorite blanket, I'm thinking about the things I am proudest of this year.  In no particular order:

My 31 Days Project.  This was by far my best showing as a blogger, and I thank all of you that followed and encouraged my progress.  I didn't blog every day, but I came darn close.  Also I made a new graphic all by myself!

After a fun summer of camping and attending day camp for a whole week, I became my younger son's scout leader.  I was a little afraid at first, but quickly I was surrounded by the support of my cubmaster, the other den leaders and the parents.  I never realized how awesome it would be to share my passion for the outdoors, as well as my intention to not raise my sons to be nincompoops, with these bright little boys.  It's amazing and I feel I'm in my zone.

I joined the gym and have been going almost every day, mostly with my friend Erin.  It is so nice to have someone to work out with, and to go junking with, and we even got her and her husband to go camping with us.  In fact, this has been an amazing year for hanging out with old friends and making new ones too.  I spent some time in Kentucky with my friend Lisa and her parents.  And I've spent a lot of time with my friend Brittany, who reads this blog and never comments, ha ha.  So many friends, I could go on all day!  I'm so lucky!

I got to watch my kid win the "World Series."  Amazing season, with great coaching.

I turned 40, and visited the Appalachian Trail.  Next time I plan to stay a bit longer.

My little brother married a real sweet girl. And my baby boy got to be the ring bearer!

Finally, I've met so many nice bloggers this year! I will be updating my sidebar very soon to add in all these great ladies I've been reading, and I do hope you'll swing by and give a holler!

Wishing you a happy, healthy and fantastic 2013!!!


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  1. love the recap. I love your shelving wall and wish I had one. I might have to investigate that! May you have a wonderful new year!