Thursday, January 17, 2013

A few pics, personal revelations, and No Spend Month update

A few scenes from the homestead this Thursday.  Dishes aren't done, but the laundry is chugging along.  The work room is happily abuzz with heavy duty scrapbooking.  Other zones in the house are happily picked up and tranquil and for that I am grateful.

I am also grateful for a new found sense of peace with my body.  I've been working out five days a week, and quit weight watchers.  I've said before, if you track on WW, you WILL lose weight!  But I wasn't tracking.  I also was finding myself having these little "food crises" wherein I would just lose it.  What do I eat?  Should I go Paleo? Vegan?  Dairy? or No Dairy? Grass Fed?  I'm now at peace with just trusting myself, my own instincts.  I watch my older son...he's skinny as a rail.  He eats sensible meals, and sometimes he noshes on yogurt and apples and yes, Sunchips. But he never overeats. Ever.  He eats until he's full, even if that means no dessert.  That blows me away every time.  But then I realize, am I always hungry for dessert?  No.  The hardest thing is to TRUST MYSELF.  

Today I'm inspired by fellow blogger Lady Cordelia, who kicked the facebook habit!  This is something I am heavily considering myself.  It is very hard, since I have reconnected with so many friends, and am able to keep up with family that I wouldn't otherwise keep up with. Also, I'm going to try to spend more time on this space sharing love with favorite bloggers.  Another article this week was from the Non Consumer Advocate who asks the question what is frugal living and what is simple living, and how are they alike and different?  Thought provoking.  You really have to read all the comments on this one!

On the No Spend Month front, we are still doing great!  Since my last update, our only expense has been another grocery trip, and $7 to fix that pesky zipper I blogged about the other day.  All we are doing is basically staying home to eat, which keeps us from meandering into a big box store to "see if there's anything we need."  There is a world of fun things to do out there that are free.  Like going for hikes and reading library books.  When you get down to it, we are busy enough with school work, music lessons, and scout activities to notice that we haven't been eating out.  As a bonus, I've even lost a few pounds.  A mini challenge I've been doing is to fix something out of the freezer every single day.  We are using up all those wonderful deals on bulk chicken and fish bargains I've picked up over the past six months, and thus keeping our expenses low.

Also on the DIY front, husband fixed a toilet issue with a $6 flapper valve.  I love having him around.  And you know what? Fixing plumbing issues is not all that hard.  Some things I'd still leave to a pro, but with all the books and youtube vids out there to learn from, just learn to do it.  When I worked for the movie theater, I learned a lot of maintenance ideas from watching the repairmen who were called in.  I do that now.  Heck, I paid $7 to get a zipper fixed, but my seamstress showed me how to do it.  "Next time you fix yourself!" she said cheerfully.

It's January 17th, how are those resolutions coming? Also, any good blogs you would recommend? (And yes, you can recommend your own, lol)


  1. Good for you listening to yourself and your own body! A much more peaceful place to be that's for sure. As for the FB thing, you'll know what is best for you. I was gone for 2 years from it and came back only in hopes of driving more traffic to the etsy shop. And yay for your no spend month going so well! You are inspiring me :)

  2. You should listen to your body! My resolutions are still going strong. I've been trying to at least once a week go through a spot in my house and thin it out. It's working for me. Good luck on the FB challenge, you can do it!! Have a great weekend!!!