Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Five

This week I:
1. Resumed the workouts this week, hitting the gym daily.
2. No spend month is going unexpectedly well. So far no complaints about the lack of restaurant trips, or any comments about anything to do with it.
3. Received my copy of Dottie Angel's new book. Previously loved, of course.
4. Really got back into tv viewing with the return of "Downton Abbey," " Biggest Loser," "Castle," and "Once Upon a Time." The good thing is that they are on the Sam two nights, so I didn't watch tv on the other nights and read instead.
5. Gave out bobcat awards to my den, including Nathan. He asked if I could always be his den leader. "At least till I get my Eagle," he announced. I love his ambition.


  1. Congrats on resuming workouts. I'm committed to walking my dog every morning for a few miles. I know I won't do it EVERY morning, but if I should for every morning, I'll do it about 3 or 4.
    : )

  2. it's good to get back into routines, isn't it?

    happy weekend!