Sunday, January 6, 2013

My weekend was...

...pretty boring.

But, I threw many hours and a ton of energy into a long procrastinated project: updating my iPhoto library.  It's really pretty good organizationally, but I got iCloud not knowing how it worked.  A couple thousand photos later I realized that all of my devices were not synced up, and I was supposed to be deleting photos (or paying for more space.)  Plus my husband had photos I'd never seen.  So like an archaeologist, I reconstructed our married life, adding pictures here and there, plus naming all the files.  So motivated to scrapbook now.  Plus I re-discovered a few forgotten pictures, like the one above from 2010.  Glad I just did it.


  1. virtual organizing is almost as much fun as real life organizing! love the photo that you found :)

  2. His little face is too cute! I so need to deal with all of our photos....sigh....its a crazy mess in iPhoto, I almost think I'd need a week or so. Any tips?

    1. Okay, have mine chronological, and if I have events that have a bunch of unrelated pictures I separate them into their own events. Also I deleted 2000 photos...mainly things I took for the blog. Like 40 shots of some apples on a cutting board. :)