Wednesday, January 2, 2013

No Spend January: Gift Cards and a Broken Zipper

Here we are day 2 of my no-spend January, and already I'm trying to run out and spend!  What happened was the zipper broke on my husband's nice and warm winter coat.  And the temps this week are in the teens.  He mentioned as I was about to go grocery shopping "if you go to a store that sells clothing could you get me a coat?" This is precisely why we are doing this.  I fiddled with the zipper for fifteen minutes and got it back into workable condition.  Seriously, we were getting to the point that we hadn't even attempted to fix it and were ready to run out and buy new!

Keeping things fair and balanced, I am no better.  When he asked for the coat, I thought maybe I could take my gift card and get myself some new workout pants.  For a split second I felt these were a "need" because it is cold and I only have cropped yoga pant, and my other long pair was misplaced.  And they are getting really faded.  And I had a gift card, right?  I had to stop myself in my tracks: I don't need more pants, and I don't need to blow my gift card on January 2nd, and yes gift cards do count because the whole point of the thing is to take a break from spending and practice a little self control.

Happily I came home with no new coat or workout pants.  Instead I did a reasonable grocery trip, ringing in at $116 for the four of us for a week of no restaurant eating.  No candy, cookies, chips, pop or wine was in my cart.  Good things, things we like, yes, but no junk.

I'm seeing this is going to be more challenging than I thought.


  1. Sadly, we do the same thing. It's just too easy to go get the new. Good job on resisting and making do! I bought my last impulse item today (really? day 2? I have a problem with thrifting) and am going to try to not spend the rest of Jan either. I look forward to reading more!

    1. It's killing me. The kids went back to school and I wanted to go thrifting super bad!