Friday, January 4, 2013

No spend month: a Rocky Start

Truth time: I've shopped for three days in a row. Yikes. Groceries on Wednesday. Fish food and aquarium filters on Thursday. And to Michaels today for supplies for a scout project. Needs? Sure. Did I veer off the path and buy stuff I didn't need? Nope. However I'm a bit disturbed by the frequency of my spending. The mere act of shopping: why do I feel the need to run out and get something on a daily basis? What will I "need" tomorrow?

I'm also thinking about the materials I got for he scout project. I'm happy to do this kind of things for the kids, and it was not a lot of money. But I could have used what I have. The world will not end if the craft is less than "perfect." I also could have prepared before the last minute, and asked around to borrow what I needed. Scouts are thrifty and resourceful. I really need to embrace those ideals myself. This is a process.

I'll leave you with our den's citizenship board...turned out nice! We used Zots to put the pages on, so we can use our board over and over.

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  1. Your board did turn out nice. Grocery shopping is my biggest problem. It's like a necessary evil. Besides, kids always seem to "need" something.