Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Right now I'm...

:: Enjoying my coffee to a little bit of quiet on this late start morning because the kids finally sat down to
:: Re-reading The Bostonians by Henry James. Not everyone gets James, but I like him. I've been frustrated with the books I've been picking lately.
:: Dreaming up ideas for the cub scout den for the latter part of the year.
:: Sulking at the 2 pound weight gain after Chinese food yesterday.
:: Pleased that husband and I finally had a lunch date at the hole in the wall Chinese place we've been meaning to try for years.
:: Debating if I really need to go to the store today.
:: Ignoring the great pile of papers I just scraped off my desktop and into a 31 Gifts bag.
:: Making lists of things to do, because in truth I don't feel like doing any of it.
:: Wondering if it would be best to just take a nap :-)


  1. Don't worry about the 2-pound weight gain from Chinese! If it were true weight gain in one day, you would have had to consume a surplus 7500 calories yesterday. Rather, Chinese food is super-salty, and excess sodium will cause 2-4 pounds of water retention for a day or two. Just look forward to your rapid weight loss a day or two from now once that soidum is out of your system!

    (Mike A)

    1. LOL thanks for the voices of reason!

  2. chinese food always causes a weight gain, drink lots of water and flush it out, I bet it tasted wonderful!!!!

  3. My vote would be the nap! Sometimes a day just calls for one. And Chinese does that for me too! Lemon water and lots of it momma!