Friday, January 18, 2013


I've spent some real time thinking about simplicity this week. What does it mean? How is it a guiding principle in my life? It can be a very complicated subject. I find myself getting lost among the pretty bloggers' pictures. Comparing myself, maybe. Perhaps even bringing a lot of pressure down on myself to do more and more, ironically in the name of simplicity. Feeling like if I wasn't baking the bread and sewing a quilt and simmering my own broth and on and on, if I wasn't doing every single thing myself, then I was failing at simple living.

Huh? Counterintuitive, I know.

I've done myself a favor. I've up-ended my notions and placed the things I really love at the forefront. Now I work out daily. We go on family hikes. I do the scout leader stuff. I've found time to return to my workroom to do scrapbooks, even dabbled with a few artistic pursuits. And I've cooked most of he meals around here this month. At the end of the week, I feel, for he first time in a long time, accomplished. It is a wonder what you can do when you get your priorities in order.

Simplicity is about intention. The actual placing of the priorities at the forefront. It's about not letting in one thing that does not belong. Powerful stuff.

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  1. "Simplicity is about intention." so true so true! That is my favorite line, loved your reflections on simplicity and it makes me ponder my own.