Sunday, January 13, 2013

The weekend

::Went to the Winter Hike Series at a metro park with a few guys from the pack. The park volunteers served chicken n noodles and hot chocolate, and sent us away with leftovers! Going hiking on a drizzly day was worth it!
::Nursed Nathan back to health after a tummy bug.
::pulled in the last of the decorations.
::browsed a stack of home decor books from the library.
::Supercleaned my room now that I know I'm allergic to dust mites.
::made a lot of awesome meals including a steak dinner.
::Had a productive family discussion about our future spending habits.
::Played wii sports as a family.

Linking with Amanda


  1. A wonderful family weekend! Hope everyone stays healthy! No more getting sick this season!

  2. I hope no one else gets ill! Loved playing wii as a family :) Great weekend!!!

  3. super cleaned! yes. so need to do that to the entire house, kick the year off right :)