Thursday, January 3, 2013

Vision boards

On New Years Day I actually got my family to do a vision board project together as a way to flesh out the coming year. I love how they all came together to do this. Our boards were all so different from each other, but the same in that they all featured some outdoor pursuits. I feel like the visual aspect of it helped us to understand each other a lot better. The phrase I found that. Love was "Live vicariously through yourself." What a powerful thought. How often we tell ourselves I ought to... Or I need to... Or I should... And now that I think about it, how little I actually say "I want to..." As I look at my own board I realize the images are not things to be bought. I do feel good that my life is starting to look like this...fresher, greener, more active. It's and uplifting thing to see each morning.

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