Monday, February 4, 2013

Nice day to be inside


What's another couple of inches of snow?  I've got everything I need in here!  I said I was going to "take it easy" today, as I'm getting over a croupy cough thing, but I ended up completely cleaning out our art room, the boys' art supplies, my scrapbook and art supplies, and all my magazines.  It's almost time for the kiddos to get home, so I think their walk through the snow deserves fresh oatmeal cookies and cocoa when they get home.  I'm currently cuddled up with a cuppa and a couple of books by Tif of Dottie Angel.  As I look outside, I'm finally kind of starting to year for the little wren family that lived in my mushroom birdhouse last summer.


  1. Now that sounds like my kinda day! And oatmeal cookies?!? Can I come over? :)

  2. How you feel better soon!! Love the photo of the pile of books :)