Thursday, February 14, 2013

What, no flowers?

We decided no gifties this year.
Well, I decided. $100 cut roses delivered is not worth it.
I made him a sweet smoothie and set it out with his vitamins.
That's love, no?
Anyway today my man will take me to lunch.
Probably Mexican.
And he will nag me to take time to go to my hairdresser.
She's expensive, so he knows I put it off as long as I can.
This year I didn't haul out the heart shaped crafts or decorations.
I didn't buy chocolates or conversation hearts.
I have absolutely nothing to "pin."
I got busy with hikes and scout stuff and book reading.
I did help the boys get their Ninjago valentines filled out,
And I washed the grapes for the healthy snack for 4th grade,
And I fed them whole grains and made sure they took baths and cut their nails.
In an hour I head to school. It's my twice weekly volunteer gig.
Walking and running club, at recess.
I do it to encourage my boys to run.
Tonight I will make a big beautiful steak we will all share
With a salad to keep us honest. Brownies for dessert.
This morning I pushed myself at my workout,
Thinking the whole time how I want to be around for them.
As I read this I chuckle at the thought
That I have no idea how we got here.
That is, how we got to vitamins, whole grains, workouts,
And good Lord in heaven,
Fresh fruit for a valentines snack?
Yup, that's how we roll these days.
And I love it.


  1. Sounds like love to treasure to me : ) Lasts longer than the flowers and chocolate. I do secretly hope you get a little of that too! You deserve it! Happy Valentine's!

  2. Love the healthy choices; totally down with the "don't waste money on flowers the costliest day of the year;" think his nagging you to go to the hairdresser for self-pampering says "I love you" loud and clear. My only tiny reservation is this: the absence of chocoloate. C'mon, it's Valentine's Day. A wee bit of chocolate would round it out perfectly. Just sayin'....

  3. We exchange cards and small candy, it's enough for us :) being healthy is a good thing!!