Friday, March 22, 2013

Is it spring yet?

Lots of pics,I know. Feels like I finally woke up this morning and got moving for the first time all winter on some projects I've put off. Like Freecycling that elliptical we never use, my latest bridesmaid dress and the kids' Thomas table. (Sniff.) I got my seeds started, finally. The boys invited a friend over to play outside, and they should really enjoy this *balmy* 45 degree weather because they are calling for 3-6" of snow Sunday! Spring break started today and we will be back n the 30s much of the week! I still haven't seen a sprig of forsythia in bloom so I'm being patient. Looks like. Will be getting my peas and lettuce and onions in a little late this year. So be it. I can be patient.


  1. Ya for the seeds!!!!!
    Seeds take such patience.
    I'm barely hanging on.

  2. no spring here. It's snowing today! We had pancakes this weekend as well, they were pretty good :)