Friday, May 31, 2013

Last day to organize my thoughts in peace....

Yes, it's the last day of school. A day of quiet.
Padding around the house with coffee.
Planning the summer. Rethinking stuff.

I realized not long ago that we have come around a corner here.
I was perusing some mom-blogs with the felt crafts and such.
Realized my days of little crafty things and fun-shaped sandwiches are past.

We got rid of the blow up backyard pool; they want to swim with friends at the rec center.
The basket of craft supplies sat virtually untouched last year; they would rather play catch.
And when they do feel creative, they retreat to one of their rooms with duct tape and a plan. 
The heaps of picture books sit quiet on their shelves; they are both reading chapter books now.
Baskets once brimming with toys now hold cleats and balls and gloves.

This little universe-at-home I created served them well.

But, now it's time to rethink home.
Rethink the spaces and needs of the kiddos.
Lest you think me terribly melancholy, there are a lot of great things:

We can go on hikes and camp outs and trust them to pack and manage their own stuff.
They can help us clean out the garage and basement this summer.
They help in the kitchen and are starting to make more of their own snacks and things.
In general they are becoming the people they were meant to be.
And that's a fine thing.

Still I find myself suddenly realizing I have different interests now too.
My garden has become more of a chore and burden than creative space it once was.
My sewing and crafting things sit idle in the beautiful space I created to work in.
None of the unread books on my shelf olds any appeal whatsoever to me.
Changing the house decor has become utterly boring.

I must say this is the weirdest I've felt in a really long time.
Like I woke up and realized I am a completely different person.
Is this what they mean by mid-life crisis?

So bear with me in the coming weeks.
I may blog a ton.
Or not.
I may post things I've never mentioned before. 
Who knows?
Thanks for reading!



  1. I hope you enjoyed you last day of quiet. Parenting/life is a journey and I feel the same. I feel like I get something down, things/people change. Enjoy the summer finding your "new" self and know we all go through this.

  2. I agree with the comment above. I think you have read some posts of mine on this same topic -- except mine are even further in the growing up process. Each phase is wonderful and there is so much to enjoy -- but it is true that just when you think you've gotten good at one phase, it slips away. But it's all OK. I am dealing with young, fully grown men now, and it is the best yet. So enjoy!!!

  3. Enjoy your precious children every minute you can. All other things will be there in the Fall when they go back to school. There will be a time when you don't even realize when school starts and ends and you wish you still did.


  4. We have only 2 days left here! COUNTING THE MINUTES!