Tuesday, August 27, 2013

What's new

I've been so busy...

::Cleaning and purging specs of the house now that the boys are back to school.
::Hauling the boys to their sports practices.
::Planning and prepping the new scout year and recruiting.
::Getting back into the gym.
::Taking this course from a favorite blogger, Amy, of Mamascout.
::Getting back into the groove of regular-time.

How's everybody?

Monday, August 19, 2013


Yes, more camping.
This time with the Cub Scout pack. 
I wish I could show more pics,
But of course they need their privacy.
Over two days there was much fun.
Frog catching, hiking, games.
Foil dinners and fossil digging.
Bonfires, s'mores, songs, skits.
Exploration and discovery. 
The simple fun in nature.
I watched new friendships form,
Among the kids, and parents too.
And old friendships soldered.
Shy kids spoke up.
Rowdy kids found a purpose 
in helping out.
Non-athletic kids found that a friendly game of whiffle ball can be fun.
Jock-boys settled long enough
To weave a paracord survival bracelet.
Scouting is so much more than just camping.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Cool morning, plans for fall

It's a crisp cool morning.
I'm huddled under my favorite blanket,
Drinking coffee on the porch.
The stack of library books is in reach.
Doing that fall thing I do,
Where I roadmap the coming year
With big plans and cool ideas.
Fall is the most chaotic season for us.
There will be a flurry of scout related things-emails and phone calls from new families, finalizing the schedule for the year, meetings and training with the leaders, and the fundraiser, O joy.
Then the fun stuff, the bonfires and camping and trips to the firehouse.
The return of homework and after school sports and wedging in some music lessons so the little gents might have some refinement.
And if course we will try to do some apple picking and pumpkin carving and all that cool fall stuff. 
But right now all is quiet.
The phone is quiet, all the friends busy finishing up their summer bucket lists.
(Glad I don't make those anymore.)
It's the awesomest kind of day.


Monday, August 5, 2013


Okay, we had something of a long weekend, here goes:
---visited Mammoth Cave National Park
---Saw lots of rock and flowstone in the cave
---Ken rescued a turtle from sure demise in the middle of a country road.
(Thank you, Google, for misdirecting us.  The turtle is grateful.)
---Went to the Louisville Slugger Museum.
---Got to hold a Johnny Bench bat!!! (The kids were more excited about the Votto.)
---Learned that Louisville is a beautiful town, and we must go again.
 ---Found a cool little Mexican place while in town.
---Watched the Reds lose bad to St. Louis. 
---Stayed for post game fireworks, got the kids' pic on the big board using #Instareds.
---Laundry,  shopping, Lawn and garden, Olive Garden, wine.
---My nephew's 13th birthday, in a totally RAD (tip of the hat to Lady Cordelia) video arcade
in which all the games are old school, and "free" (Paid by host, of course) and 
music like Van Halen and A-ha and Flock of Seagulls.

Two weeks till school goes back, totally hoping to blog more!
How was your weekend?

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