Monday, August 19, 2013


Yes, more camping.
This time with the Cub Scout pack. 
I wish I could show more pics,
But of course they need their privacy.
Over two days there was much fun.
Frog catching, hiking, games.
Foil dinners and fossil digging.
Bonfires, s'mores, songs, skits.
Exploration and discovery. 
The simple fun in nature.
I watched new friendships form,
Among the kids, and parents too.
And old friendships soldered.
Shy kids spoke up.
Rowdy kids found a purpose 
in helping out.
Non-athletic kids found that a friendly game of whiffle ball can be fun.
Jock-boys settled long enough
To weave a paracord survival bracelet.
Scouting is so much more than just camping.

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  1. darn those privacy issues ;) that's why my blog has no photos either! love the nature that you were enveloped in.