Tuesday, September 24, 2013

This and that

Random happenings of late:

:: Harvesting a ton of garden produce, esp. tomatoes. 
:: Elder son has been visiting Boy Scout troops with his Webelos patrol.
:: Elder son's fall baseball team is doing okay
:: Young son is rocking at soccer (but now wants to switch to baseball)
:: Taking morning walks at a beautiful local park.
:: New author I'm loving: Juliet Marillier. She writes historical  fantasy/supernatural fiction,  mostly with a Celtic flavor. Finding something to read has been hard lately.
:: I grew a nine foot sunflower. The flower is about 18 inches in diameter!
:: Working hard to completely revamp my garden beds. I came to the realization that I don't like 90% of the flowers and plants we have. Its a beautiful week to be out doors.
:: Finished the Mamascout lab and decided to sign up for the next one. I used a Smashbook to record all my journaling, and it was a cool experience.
:: Planning my next Cub Scout meeting: we are doing "crash test pumpkins" where the boys are invited to bring a pumpkin in a contraption-on-wheels of their own design to roll down my ramp into a wall. They think it's just a fun thing, but really it's engineering ;-)
:: Helping the boys with their popcorn fundraiser. My favorite thing all year (not, ha ha.)
:: Celebrated 11 years married to my best guy :-)

What's new?

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Dusting off my rose colored glasses

(Myself, age 7 months or thereabouts)

Hello neglected blog world.
I've been away.
Spending time staring out the window.
Well, a little sick, mainly evil allergies, better now.
Had a few things not go my way.
Made me wonder if I could handle certain responsibilities.
Started to doubt those around me.
Mamascout's excellent lab reminded me of this photo.
I've allowed myself enough wallow time.
Time to dust off the rose-colored glasses
And get back out there!