Wednesday, November 20, 2013


The past few months feel like a whirlwind.
The boys were gracious enough to not join a winter sport.
I needed this so badly.
Then I promptly got sick with what amounts to a really bad cold, 
but it knocked me down just the same.
I'm hoping to change some old habits:
Like obsessively checking email every ten minutes.
Reading forum posts like Huffpo, or the local news Facebook pages.
So negative. They really can wreck your worldview.
Will resume daily walks once the coughing subsides.
Cooking at home has returned as the rule 
Rather than the exception.
Getting a handle on the scout calendar.
Doing a better job of delegating.
And the house is fairly clean again.
Morning coffee and journaling are back too.
It's nice to enjoy the season's change a little bit.


  1. oh sometimes it does take a cold to kick and get us down, force us to re-center, re-group, re-prioritize. sounds like you are making the most of it and setting some great intentions!

  2. Shannon, I know what you mean. Allow the season's change to get you to slow down a bit. I love the fall... I wish it was always fall to be honest. I enjoy nature's art the most. The color combo also makes me feel relaxed. If only this season didn't turn to yucky winter lol.

    I adore the first pic you posted...other than those nasty snow clouds lol.

    As for the email checking. I used to be the exact same and I started to use a timer. I decided that once an hour the timer would go off and then I would reset it and only stay sitting for 5-8 minutes time intervals during the day so I could start to get stuff done around my house. It worked great for me and then I would have free time during the evening to do as I wished.

    I also use this technique for cleaning and sometimes even my creating time!

    Hope that you start to feel better soon Shannon.

  3. thanks so much for stopping by my blog - and I totally understand your post today. I find myself getting obsessed with checking emails and reading news - I have to take a break and say no more - hope you are feeling better - when you have a cold, everything seems so overwhelming

  4. I check emails often but I do limit my internet use because I can waste loads of time. Hope you are feeling better when you read this!!

  5. pretty photos, mama.
    and I get it about the re-grouping. we all need it once in a while.
    I hope the last few days have been what you needed.