Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Happy New Year!

Happy new year!

I hope to be on here more than I have been this year. My intention is to generally do more little creative projects and read more and stretch a little. My word this year is FORGE as in forge ahead, forge friendships, forge new patterns and habits. Forge through the things I must do that I don't necessarily want to do. I think it is the word I need.

My intention is to allow myself the time to be creative in little ways, like I used to. I've gotten almost totally away from crafting, scrap booking and even taking pretty pictures. So here's my little first step! 


  1. What a great word! I hope you forge many new paths this year :) happy new year!!

  2. That is a great goal. I am generally not fond of resolutions, per se, but that is definitely a worthy one. I'm trying to make more time for myself, which means more blogging for me as well.

  3. Shannon, did you know that a forge is used to "glue" metal objects together? So forging ahead is a way to cement yourself into your life. It's a wonderful philosophy. I'd love to support you any way I can.